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Robyn Johnson started her ecommerce business with only $100 and in only 5 years built it in to a six-figure business. She brings her experience, tips and tricks straight to you in this value-packed, no nonsense, and actionable advice podcast. She is an expert in making a living selling on Amazon and Ebay. Robyn tells you everything you need to know, and how to accomplish it, in this podcast. If you want to have an e-commerce business and be successful on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and with your own website – this is the place to be. Welcome!
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Mar 29, 2017

Kim Coghlan has been selling on Amazon for about two and a half years and has become one of the most well-known, well-respected members within our community. She actively participates in many Facebook groups and has become a trusted resource for many entrepreneurs within the reselling space.

Kim joins me on the show today to share her story, insights, and knowledge on outsourcing and hireling freelancers on Upwork. She also shares her tips for reducing stress in the highly competitive, fast-paced world of Amazon resale. We discuss everything from hiring a VA for the first time to managing a full household while running a successful business as well as the impact that hiring and outsourcing various tasks can have on your business – and your quality of life.


“It was the fear of the unknown that kept me back, but it turned out that it was not scary.” – Kim Coghlan


Today on the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show:

  • Prioritizing your daily tasks – in business and in life – and developing strategies to get things done.
  • How outsourcing or letting go of tasks you don’t like or want to do can help you overcome procrastination.
  • Why focusing on honing your buying skills is more important than focusing on product sales ranks.
  • How hiring on Upwork works and how it can improve your business and productivity.
  • Hiring VA’s, growing your team, and how to train them.
  • Hiring locally vs. internationally.
  • Tasks you should begin with when hiring a VA for the first time.


Kim’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Ask yourself: What is still going to be a problem in a month if I don’t do this right now?
  • Don’t be afraid to let some things go.
  • When hiring, start with small tasks and grow from there.


Resources Mentioned:

  • Upwork
  • OnlineJobsPH


Connect with Kim Coghlan:

  • Kim Coghlan on Facebook
  • FBA Ninjas in Training Facebook Group



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Mar 17, 2017

ASD Market Week is always something to look forward to. It is more than just a trade show; it offers a unique learning experience that will allow you to truly grow as a seller.

ASD Market Week is one of the biggest B2B trade shows in the industry and it brings together a very comprehensive variety of people, sellers, and buyers. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed with all the people you’ll meet and information you’ll gain from the event, especially if it’s your first time to attend.

There are many things that make ASD Market Week great and we’ll be discussing some of those reasons in today’s episode, as well as some tips on how you can make the most out of your experience.

“ASD is more than just a trade show. It really has changed my life.”

Today’s Topic Covers:

  • Do your research about the free networking events that are happening during ASD Market Week.
  • The ongoing issue of inauthenticity and how to prove the authenticity of your items to Amazon.
  • My formula and strategy to make the most of your day by getting price lists and determining the brands that are aligned with your business goals.
  • What to do after ASD Market Week such as cataloging your price lists, filtering and profiling, and more.

Robyn’s Tips for Making the Most of ASD Market Week:

  • Networking
  • High Level Quality of Education
  • Trade Show
  • Get as many price lists as possible
  • Balance and plan what your goals are for the show.

Resources Mentioned


Meet Robyn and Network with the Internet Merchant’s Association

Are you attending ASD Market Week? Get the chance to meet Robyn in person and network with experienced mentors from the Internet Merchant’s Association.

Join Robyn and the IMA team at the Executive Hospitality Suite at the Bellagio from 7:00pm to 11:00pm of March 19 and 20, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates at the IMA Facebook Group and at the Unstoppable Amazon Academy.

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Mar 15, 2017

Thomas Jefferson has a popular quote that says, “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.” Entrepreneurs relate to this quote very well because they think differently and do things that defy the social norms. In fact, entrepreneurs make up some of the most unreasonable people in the world. If you step away from the negative connotation of the word “unreasonable”, you will find that it can also mean surpassing your limits to achieve your full potential. Being unreasonable means breaking free from that little voice in your head telling you to avoid risks and stay safe. It means aiming higher than what people expect of you or even what you expect of yourself.

The life of an entrepreneur is unreasonable. We are not afraid to take risks and we set out to achieve things that have not been thought of or done before. This gives us access to a life and to experiences that is not available to everyone. Embrace the positive side of being unreasonable and what you can learn from the experiences.

“Being unreasonable means living a life that’s not dictated by reasons. It’s being dictated by your commitments – by the things that you’re passionate about.”

Today’s Topic Covers:

  • The positive side of being unreasonable and the benefits you can gain from this trait as an entrepreneur.
  • How making unreasonable requests can help you improve your negotiation skills.
  • There are a thousand and more reasons why you should stop what you’re doing compared to the reasons why you should keep going. It’s up to you to decide which of these reasons drive your life.
  • How to balance your unreasonable nature to produce the results you need.
  • Having a solution mindset and looking at failure as something of value, rather than a setback.

Resources Mentioned

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Mar 13, 2017

On today’s episode, I’m joined by licensed CPA and Amazon seller Anna Hill. Anna started on Amazon as only a seller in January 2014 after deciding that she was tired of the “CPA firm rat race.” She started on Amazon during the Frozen Frenzy, and when that frenzy dwindled, she says she has learned many valuable lessons from the experience.

Today, we discuss how her mindset has evolved since the beginning of her Amazon career, how she has helped thousands of sellers navigate the uncertain and often confusing waters of finances and taxes, and her insight into pivoting our businesses as Amazon continues to change and evolve.

 “If you don’t have order, it tends toward chaos.” – Anna Hill

 Today’s Topics Cover:

  • Recognizing and understanding that change in business is not uncommon.
  • Why you should never invest more in your business or spend more on inventory than you can afford to lose.
  • Extenuating circumstances in business
  • Establishing an insurance policy for yourself such as a financial plan, hiring a financial planner or trusted advisor to create a benchmark framework with goals that allow for some “wiggle room.”
  • Why we believe that opportunities at Amazon will continue to improve moving forward, but it is essential to try to expect the unexpected and plan accordingly.
  • Using this time to “do your homework.”
  • Why you shouldn’t make business decisions out of panic or fear.
  • Your customer isn’t always necessarily the buyer of your inventory. There are other customers to consider.
  • Why it is important to reach out and learn from other people.
  • Why it is important to make long-term strategic plans for each upcoming quarter.
  • How considering the possibilities that could happen and how you can handle those situations then writing them down can help you approach the issue better once the dust has settled.
  • Why you shouldn’t “opinion shop.”
  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people – people wanting to rise and grow.
  • The benefits of having an accountability partner to help you balance and level your business.
  • Understanding your debt and knowing how much unsold inventory you hold.
  • Know when to outsource


Approach adversity as an opportunity instead of a wall.


Resources Mentioned:


Connect with Anna:

Accounting We Will Go (Facebook Group)


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Mar 8, 2017

Travis Ross joins me today to discuss the upcoming Rocky Mountain Reseller Conference, affectionately known throughout the Amazon reseller community as RMRC. As Travis explains, the main goal of RMRC is to help first, second, and trid year Amazon resellers learn from each other, network, and grow their ecommerce businesses through the support and guidance of others.

The RMRC conference is an annual event, scheduled to take place on Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3 at the DoubleTree – Hilton Hotel in the beautiful, mountain-views of Denver, Colorado.


“The only dumb question is the one you didn’t ask.” – Travis Ross


Today on the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show:

  • How networking can improve your business.
  • How to know when it’s time to hire a new team member.
  • How to balance the profitable tasks and non-profit generating tasks when hiring contractors and employees.
  • Discovering what type of business “hedgehog” you are.
  • Advice for firing employees and contractors.
  • Training new hires.
  • Creating incentive programs for your employees.
  • Dealing with irrational fear.



Resources Mentioned in This Episode:


Get $30 Off Your RMRC Ticket Purchase!

Are you planning to attend the 2017 Rocky Mountain Reseller Convention? Head over to their website to register and enter the coupon code NEST to claim your $30 -off coupon code!


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Mar 6, 2017

From being a baby bird in the Nest to transforming into a beautiful eagle soaring high in the sky, we have followed Adrian Friday’s e-commerce career closely. Adrian is a graduate of our Unstoppable Amazon Academy, and today, he joins us on the show to share his journey of becoming a successful online seller.

We talk about inventory and buying decisions and how finding what you’re good at selling and becoming a master in that market can amplify your business success. We talk about the turning point in his life and business, and why he decided to leave his job to become an Amazon seller entrepreneur.

Adrian openly shares his experiences, his trials and tribulations throughout his entrepreneur career, and the systems and processes he uses to stay on task and productive each day. He also shares his insight on why entrepreneurs should learn new skills that will help advance their businesses before outsourcing the tasks to others as well as many other helpful tips and advice that has helped him go from a “jack of all trades, master of none” in the e-commerce industry to a master in his business.


Today’s Topics Cover:

  • Optimal buying decisions
  • How “breaking away from the herd” can help boost your business
  • How he learned that using “your quirks and weaknesses to your advantage” can significantly impact your business
  • His advice for others who are afraid to make a major change in their business or business model
  • How relationship building is a crucial aspect of your business growth
  • Why reaching out and asking questions to other industry experts is important
  • Why Adrian feels that developing daily routines and “rituals” has made a positive impact on his business


“Mastery is a game changer” – Adrian Friday


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Mar 1, 2017

Do you know how much it costs you to just keep your business alive? Today Robyn talks about the importance of knowing your numbers and not being afraid of them. Understanding that, even if your numbers are giving you bad news, that’s actually good news because it means you are able to take action and change the course of your business. Not knowing your numbers, what it takes to keep your business alive and provide you with the life you want is a sure way to put yourself out of business.

Robyn offers two great tools to help you not only know, but understand your numbers so you can make solid, fact based decisions in your business that will keep it healthy and profitable for years to come.


Use The Calculator

Amazon Business Audit Course


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